Trip up to Kundiawa

I know it has been a while since I last put up a blog. I have been away from Madang for the last 10 days. Here are a few posts on what I have been up to.
My Story starts on 16th November with a trip to Kundiawa, it was a chance for all of the educational volunteers to meet and discuss the program here, and plan for the year ahead. We left Madang around 7 am, for the non early risers in our group (Charlye and Marshall), this seemed a form of cruel torture for them. Jolanda, a Dutch volunteer, came along with us on part of the trip. She was meeting up with another volunteer in Goroka, and was going to do some community based work with Marcell. They are both Physio’s working under the disability program here in PNG with VSO.
We started off on our trip, in the two VSO vehicles, it was generally divided with the older members of the group in the more comfy vehicle, and the younger side of the group in the other πŸ™‚Β  The trip to the highlands, takes about 6 hours to Goroka, and then a further 2 hours to Kundiawa. Part of the road is sealed, the other parts, well lets just say you tend to bounce around a lot in the back. The usual case of chatting, stopping for pictures and food along the road was done. I will admit, I did a fair amount of the talking on the way up. As the group are now saying, at least a trip with me is not quiet, could be good or bad thing πŸ˜‰
In Goroka, we dropped of Jolanda, and we had a lunch break in the Bird of Paradise Hotel, was good to get out for a while and stretch the legs, along with getting some food and drinks πŸ™‚ Here we also met up with Don, a fellow Irish man, who is working as a volunteer in the University of Goroka. He is Dub, retired from teaching. Was great to get a chance to chat back at a normal speed again, as I have had to slow down some of my talking here, so people can understand me. Don was saying the same. It turns out there is an Irish priest in Goroka who is from Lusk, where I lived in Dublin. Small world. Once we had finished lunch, it was back to the vehicles, and with Don and myself in one, we talked all the way to Kundiawa, 2 hours, I guess others in the vehicle were going, will they ever shut up πŸ™‚
On arrival in Kundiawa we checked into our hotel, and was a case of then heading straight to the bar. You guessed it, Don and myself were the first two there, even beating the usual top drinker in the group, Charlye. The rest of the night, consisted of a few drinks, some food, plenty of chat and laughing. At the respectable time of 10 pm, was time to head to bed, and get ready for the educational workshop for the next 3 days.

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